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Guide To Exterior Siding

Apart from being a necessity that facilitates your family’s lifestyle, the house you live in might hold sentimental importance to you. If you want to keep it in good condition for a long time, then you need to take care of its maintenance frequently.

You must attend several things regularly, such as flooring, ventilation, furniture polishing, wiring, and plumbing, etc. Siding is also something that must be maintained properly as it helps with the curb appeal of your home.

House siding is considered as the first layer of protection that an owner of a house can arrange for their home conveniently. Various service providers promise to get the job done efficiently without it breaking the bank.

What is House Siding?

You must understand what we mean by house siding and why it is pegged as the first line of defense for your house. Cladding is applied at the exterior of any home, its primary purpose is to keep things like rain, wind, sunlight, and other troubling things restricted to beyond your house.

Purpose of House Siding:

By now, you must have an idea of what we mean by house siding, but we’ve listed down two of its chief objectives to clear any lingering confusion you might have.

Protection: As stated earlier, your life can’t survive without a proper exterior siding. There will be more things to take care of without it, and you’ll be spending a lot more money on just refurbishing and maintenance than you did on its construction.

Aesthetics: Apart from protecting your house, siding can assist you in making your home stand out in the neighborhood. Several siding materials are available that you can choose from, and each of these sidings creates a different aesthetic for your house and provides a varying level of protection.

Scroll down and read all about the distinct types of siding with their pros and cons:

Vinyl Siding

If you are not easily satisfied with the look of your house and appreciate variety in terms of colors and design, then vinyl siding is just right for you. Aside from range, it is convenient to cut it into the desired shape for installation.

You don’t have to scratch your old siding before replacing it with vinyl siding. Pest infestation and sudden rot licking at places are the two things that are unlikely to happen while using this type of siding.

Though vinyl siding might seem to be a viable option, it isn’t void of complications. It might not be prone to most pest infestation, but there are cases of termite attacks that make it lose its prime. Furthermore, continuous exposure to sunlight washes away its original color, and it shows signs of cracking and chipping over time.

Note that this termite condition only happens when you use real wood beneath vinyl instead of other base materials. Conventionally, people use textured vinyl directly and scrap off wood residue to avoid compromising the durability of the vinyl.


  • Variation in colors
  • Versatility in textures (It can fake wood, stone and brick textures)
  • Easy installation
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Void of pest infestation
  • It holds well against most insect attacks.
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Affordable


  • Vulnerable in harsh weather
  • Cracks appear overtime
  • Installation isn’t seamless
  • Large vinyl sheets cost more than the usual sizes
  • Color and texture fades eventually
  • It can resist water, but seepage is still common

Metal Siding


Metal siding gives your house a much more modern touch than any other type of siding. The most favored materials for this siding are steel and aluminum. Each of these two offers a different kind of convenience and efficiency in terms of design, pricing, and installation cost.

Areas where it rains frequently or places close to coastline do not approve of steel siding. It affects steel siding by making it rust and swell thus making it succumb to unfamiliar weather conditions easily. Aluminum is ideal for siding in such areas as it can withstand saline water and coarse air pressure characteristically.

Manufacturers pay extra mind to fashion metal siding resistant to corrosion and erosion via finishing. Moreover, metal strips or panels not completed in the factory can later be galvanized to make them resist corrosion.

Metal siding doesn’t offer much variety in designs and colors, but you can still create a pleasing modern look for your house.  It gives you the freedom to install it either in vertical or horizontal strips, shingles or panels. Most people find it hard to differentiate between a wood siding and a metal siding at a distance.

Know that most often than not, metal siding is used as a retrofit siding over other types of sidings specifically over wood. That is because metal siding is inexpensive to maintain and install compared to wood siding.

With all its benefits, metal still is not the perfect choice of material for house siding. No matter what type of metal you use, it will dent when too much pressure is applied. For instance, it doesn’t guarantee the maintenance of its original state under extreme weather conditions.

The finishing will eventually chalk-up or fade into its background as time passes which isn’t what you should look for if you prefer durability to some style. Most people think that metal siding comes with many baggage what-ifs that’s why they lean away from it.


  • Gives your house a modern look
  • Affordable installation
  • Some metal siding types have warranties of thirty to thirty-five years
  • Some finishes last longer than others
  • If installed and treated right, it doesn’t require much maintenance
  • Latest metal siding offers more color variety


  • Material cost varies as per the market trend
  • Paint finishing chalks-up and fades overtime
  • Cannot withstand pressure and is prone to denting

Wood Siding

Creative people like interior designers or architects prefer wood siding over others. It gives them the freedom to experiment with textures, designs, and techniques of installation without fearing any rise in material cost.

Furthermore, those who love natural aesthetics can never pass on wood siding for alternatives like vinyl siding. It is easy to install because of its weight and effortless techniques. However, that’s where its efficiency ends.

Wood siding demands a lot from you if you want to keep it in good condition for years. For instance, it can hold off against termites, pests, rots, and other similar pests and insects. Moreover, if you don’t spend enough on its maintenance, then it is bound to rot in a short time.

It won’t be wrong to say that wood siding is easy to install and is flexible enough to entertain your creativity, but it isn’t strong enough to hold on against natural vices on its own.


  • Provides natural aesthetics
  • It offers versatility in designs, textures, and colors
  • Variation in versatility
  • Variety in wood type
  • It can last for more than a decade or two if treated nicely


  • Prone to termite attacks and rot
  • Demands constant vigilance
  • Requires frequent maintenance
  • Expensive

Brick Siding


It’s another one of those sidings that is mainly famous for its aesthetic appeal. No matter how far ahead we are in time, there is always a thrilling appeal in medieval time design. People specifically aim to make their houses like the houses of old times, which is why brick is still in trend.

However, the aesthetic appeal isn’t the only reason for its popularity as brick siding promises durability and longevity. It is resistant against fire, rot and pest infestation because of its nature. Such sidings can easily last for decades without losing their aesthetic appeal.

Some people will go as far as saying that an old brick siding looks vintage and appealing to the eyes. You don’t have to spend a substantial amount of money to keep this siding in good condition, as it doesn’t need regular attention.


  • Low maintenance
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Variation in types of bricks
  • Exceptional durability
  • Resistant against rot, mold and insects and pest invasion


  • Heavyweight
  • Difficult to install
  • The increased cost of labor
  • Doesn’t offer much colors and textures
  • Complicated techniques to maneuver around its non-structural nature

Final Thoughts:

You’ve decided to build and refurbish a house for yourself and your family, and, naturally, you want to make it pleasing and secure. You might feel tempted to skip some details to save some money or time, but no bargain is worth your family’s suffering.

If budget and timing is the problem, then don’t hesitate to install a vinyl siding because it is convenient and easy to install. There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from providing your family with a better living environment.

We have listed almost everything that you need to know about types of house siding. You might have concurred that not all sidings are suitable for all weather conditions. Aside from focusing on what kind of material is efficient and cheap, you must take the climate of the area you are living into account as well.

As stated earlier, metal siding won’t be able to last very long in coastal areas, and fiber cement siding is right for warm places. The list of what siding fits with what weather conditions and climate is another story but an important one.

Once you figure out what kind of siding works well with your house, you can easily find your way around the rest of the journey with the help of our guide. The information we’ve shared, such as why a wood siding isn’t a good option for lazy people and why fiber cement siding is right is all detailed above.

In conclusion, if you don’t want to worry about maintenance all the time, then avoid metal siding and side with brick siding. However, if you prefer, aesthetics over pricing then opt for vinyl siding. Vinyl and brick siding is the efficient and durable siding option that one can afford conveniently.

Whatever you decide to use for your residential siding, just know that Excel Roofers will guarantee your satisfaction with our professionalism and quality work. This is why we want to be known as the best roofing contractors in Corpus Christi and in the surrounding areas.

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