4 Reasons for Commercial Flat Roof Refurbishment

Commercial flat roof refurbishment is occasionally necessary to prevent a roof from developing leaks. Here are several reasons to invest in refurbishment for your flat roof.

1. Fix Cracks, Tears, and Splits

If your roof has begun to develop cracks, tears, or splits in its felt, you should contact a local roofing company to ask about commercial flat roof refurbishment. Never ignore these signals that your roof is starting to succumb to age and wear. Water seeps into cracks, tears, and splits, causing damage to the structure of your roof, so it is important to get the roof refurbished as soon as possible.

2. Prevent Water Pooling on the Roof

The shape of a flat roof is supposed to allow water to run off the roof so that it does not collect in puddles or pools. When water pools on the roof, it can apply excessive weight, which could cause structural damage. If the water soaks into the roof, it can also cause serious damage to the roof. Always look out for water starting to pool on the roof, as it is a clear sign that your roof requires the attention of a commercial roof refurbishment company.

3. Prevent the Growth of Moss and Lichen

Although moss and lichen are not actively harmful to the structure of a flat roof, they are signs that there is too much moisture on your roof, which is often the result of it not allowing water to drain properly. Moss and lichen can also look unsightly, spoiling the professional appearance of your commercial building. When you hire roofers to carry out a commercial flat roof refurbishment, they will not only clean away the moss, but also work out what conditions were allowing them to grow in the first place, and fix the roof so that those conditions do not arise again.

4. Protect Your Roof Against Storms

If you neglect the maintenance of your flat roof for long enough, a gap will begin to develop between the wall and the roof. Such a gap is a big problem during severe storms when heavy rain and driving winds can combine to fling water through the gap and into the interior part of the roof. Here, moisture can cause severe damage, which could lead to the roof needing to be replaced. Commercial flat roof refurbishment can close up these gaps, keeping your roof safe from storms.